Superbowl LI - How do you like Dem Apples?

Welp, like it or not, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. So whether you're stoked, still completely unsettled, or think overtime rules need to be really reconsidered, in the spirit of sport, and our Dem Apples drink, we're helping everyone get, Dem Apples

From now through the 13th of February, get 15% off Dem Apples.

Just use code: WORLDCHAMPS at checkout.


DEM APPLES is an apple cider style kombucha drink.

Dem Apples
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It does a great job of being a champagne celebrating alternative as it boosts your vitality with probiotics and fizzy goodness.

... Or it can help settle your gut, provide some mood stability and give you a dose of mental clarity with b-vitamins and enzymes. Plus, it's a great mixer with tequila if you need to drown your post Super Bowl sorrows...

Just use code WORLDCHAMPS at checkout and get 15% off Dem Apples!

Becca Schepps