WTF & OMG! Ashwagandha

Okay when it comes to Ashwagandha you fall into one of two categories.

1. YES! This stuff is like a miracle!


2. WTF? Is that a word? Or did your hands just spasm all over the keyboard?

Well, let us tell you, it's a word. It's a type of adaptogenic herb (which is what we like to ramp up Mortal Kombucha with), and it's pretty spectacular.

 First let's talk adaptogenic herbs (maca, holy basil, ginseng, astragalus, licorice root, rhodiola and cordycep mushrooms, to name a few). They're pretty amazing. They have the power of caffeine, without the jitters. They buffer your body from stress, keep your blood sugar and insulin levels sane, increase energy, enhance focus, up your mental clarity and do some good stuff for libido, skin and thyroid function. They're magic. Which is why we add them to many of our Mortal Drinks. 

Black Sage
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Ashwagandha inparticular is super magical. It eases anxiety, boosts your immune system and lowers cortisol levels -- which is one causes that inner tube around your waist. Ugh, the worst. We blend ashwagandha with our super Black Sage brew. We liken this bubble probiotic beverage to a berry lemonade, although it has no lemon - just the tart and sweet combo of fresh blackberries. The ginger and sage really pack a punch by complimenting ashwagandha's immune boosting power. Mix it all up and you get this ridiculously refreshing flavor that is dedicated to making you the best you, you can be. Sounds corny, but when you sip, you'll see. 



But back to the WTF.... Why in the world would someone name something so awesome, so horribly - like how do you even say that? Back when we were handwriting labels on Mortal Kombucha we'd waste like 19 labels misspelling Ashwagandha... we're glad that's over with. 

Anyways... enjoy!

Becca Schepps