Mortal Kombucha isn't your ordinary kombucha drink. First, it tastes like adult soda. Now when we say "adult" we don't mean 21+. We mean refined bubbly beverages for the mature palette. And when we say "refined" we don't mean earthy flavors that are more healthy than tasty, we mean bubbly complex and robust versions of apple juice, lemonade and grape soda.

We think kombucha has gotten a bad rap, and we are dedicated to show you how awesome it can be. Because really, let's think about it.... Kombucha has a tiny bit of alcohol, a dash of caffeine and is naturally chock full of probiotics, b-vitamins, awesome enzymes and more. It can calm your gut, kill your cold and get you going. It's like a coffee alternative without the acidity. 

Plus we made some great flavors that go really well with tequila. 

Like this one ----> This bad boy is bubbly Apple Cider. You can feel the cinnamon, all spice and clove swish with apple. And when you add it to a nice tequila (we recommend this one), it becomes a zero-offset cocktail.  

We've heard it also goes really well with Bourbon, but that doesn't keep it gluten-free. Oh man, is our hippie showing the Chill Flower below goes really great with Gin).

Chill Flower
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Dem Apples
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Dem Apples
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Anyways, what we're really trying to say is Mortal Kombucha is not your hacky-sack playing, slack-line walking, sun salutating neighbors Kombucha. It's brewed with all the same good stuff, but it's refined for the palette that wants to have fun with their drink.



Becca Schepps